Breathing New Life into Neonatal Intensive Care

Inadequate oxygen supply is a major cause of death and permanent disability in newborns. With Noninvasix's enhanced brain monitoring system, doctors can intervene before brain function is permanently compromised..


Brain hypoxia, characterized by restricted blood flow to the brain, counts for 23% of all neonatal deaths worldwide making the development of an accurate and precise patient monitoring system a top maternal-fetal health priority.

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Noninvasix's novel solution utilizes optoacoustic monitoring of cerebral venous oxygenation to accurately measure the amount of oxygen a baby is receiving in real time.

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    Typical neonatal intensive care units save $1.1M per year, in addition to significant reductions in neonatal death and disability.


    Decreased risk of malpractice suits and lower malpractice premiums.


    Save $2.4M to $6.2M per year by reducing the lifetime direct medical costs associated with hypoxia-induced cerebral palsy.