Using patented optoacoustic technology, the experienced team of life science innovators and medical engineers at Noninvasix, Inc. have developed an elegant solution for the safe, accurate and non-invasive monitoring of infant welfare in the neonatal intensive care unit.

We have assembled a team of experienced scientists, consultants, and executives to take this product to market. Our CEO is an experienced medical device entrepreneur. Our founders pioneered the use of optoacoustic technology for noninvasively and directly measuring tissue oxygen saturation. Each of our consultants has over 30 years of experience in medical device engineering, design, or FDA regulations.


Dr. Graham Randall

Graham Randall, Ph.D., MBA President and CEO

Previously President of Intubix LLC, a venture capital-backed startup commercializing a Class I medical device for respiratory care, where he was responsible for the entire development process—design, manufacturing, IP, regulatory, marketing, and sales. As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at AlphaDev, a life science-focused venture capital firm, Dr. Randall secured a seed investment of $250,000 for Intubix and took the product from the prototype stage to human testing within six months.

Dr. Donald Prough

Donald Prough, M.D. Clinical Vice President

Over 30 years experience in anesthesiology and critical care development and over 20 years experience in development and critical testing of systems for noninvasive monitoring. Dr. Prough is currently Rebecca Terry White Distinguished Chair and Professor of Anesthesiology and the Assistant Clinical Director of the Center for Biomedical Engineering at UTMB.