Noninvasix will be the first company to non-invasively monitor the severity of sepsis and septic shock, enabling clinicians to diagnose and monitor the response to treatment of tissue hypoxia in real-time.

Noninvasix’s patented optoacoustic platform technology is the first solution to non-invasively and continuously measure right side of the heart vital sign – central venous saturation.

Incorporating Noninvasix into the ICU workflow allows clinicians to more quickly and accurately diagnose their critically ill patients and tailor treatments to improve outcomes. Future developments, enhancements and evidence will expand the use and clinical impact of our technology into other indications and settings.

As we advance the Noninvasix technology, we aim to detect septic shock faster than the standard of care, enabling earlier intervention and personalized resuscitation in sepsis patients and beyond.

Future patient care applications include indications and settings where tissues hypoxia is present, such as fetal monitoring, neonatal care, traumatic brain injury, blood loss and anemia.